Professional workshop – Hobart

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After the wonderful feedback received from our inaugural Hobart Professional Workshop in 2016, we are delighted to advise that we are returning to Hobart to offer another opportunity to participate in a Shepherd Centre Professional Workshop.

TOPIC: BACK ON TRACK – How do we measure and address rates of progress in children with hearing loss?

  • What rates of progress can we currently expect for children with all levels of HL?
  •  How can we reassure/motivate families with practical /readily available progress tracking tools?
  • What are the essential tools to evaluate Cochlear Implant candidacy for all ages? To evaluate progress post CI activation for all ages?
  • How can we track and assist children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder? (ANSD)
  • How can we assist children on your caseloads who are slow to progress? How do we measure progress and most importantly, how do we address issues?
  • What are the Stages /Tips for Developing Theory of Mind /Emotional Intelligence/Social Skills from infancy?
  • Handouts and Practise with Listening, Language, Speech, Play easy reference materials
  • Participate in Complex case workshopping

DATE: Friday 20th October

TIME: 9:00 – 4:00

VENUE: The Old Wool Store Hotel, Hobart

INCLUSIONS: Training Manual with abundant re-usable handouts; morning tea; lunch

COST: $250 pp/day

ACCREDITATION: NESA; TQI; AGBell international accreditation

REGISTRATION CUT OFF DATE: Wednesday 11th October

If you require further clarification or have special dietary requirements please contact: Julie Colfer, Clinical Administration, [email protected]

Or Anne Fulcher direct via email: [email protected].

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