Proposed changes to 2020 hearing services funding

Dear Families,

The Shepherd Centre has been advised by the government that there may be funding changes from July 2020 affecting the hearing services currently provided by Hearing Australia (previously called Australian Hearing). At this stage, we are yet to know exactly what those changes may look like.

You may see indications of future funding changes come through on your NDIS plans. We want to reassure you of our full and ongoing support at The Shepherd Centre and our determination to ensure that you and your child will be able to access the therapy you need. The possible changes to Hearing Australia will not affect the services you currently receive from us and we are doing our best to ensure that all the services your child receives are maintained.

Individually, and as a member of First Voice, we have been advocating strongly for Hearing Australia to remain as the central body for children with hearing loss and have emphasised how critical this is for young children in particular. We have yet to receive a clear indication of how this may turn out.

We’ll continue to keep you informed about this as we hear more, including what this might look like for your family.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact your therapists or friendly Family Care team if you have any concerns.

Kind Regards,
Jim Hungerford

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