Student aces STEM presentation


Imogen is in the First Sounds Program at The Shepherd Centre, Canberra.

Imogen recently developed a vibrating bracelet as part of her school STEM class. The concept was of an alarm that is worn on the wrist and uses vibrations rather than sound to alert the user.

She had to create a prototype and code the bracelet and then pitch her product to a panel. Imogen’s idea has great usability for the Deaf and hearing impaired community and beyond.

Imogen's Prototype Imogen's award

Supported by her therapists at our Canberra centre plus lots of practice runs at home with Mum, Imogen’s bracelet was voted by the panel as having the most investment potential.

“I learnt as much as I could about my product and then practiced my pitch at home with my mum lots before the night,” said Imogen of how she prepared for her presentation.

Her advice to fellow students with hearing loss on public speaking is to, “Practice lots, know your product, take deep breathes and slow down your speaking.”

Sound advice for us all!





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