Support another 50 years of The Shepherd Centre

In January 1970, The Shepherd Centre launched into the world of hearing loss. With enormous drive and determination, Annette and Bruce Shepherd established a pioneering program of early years integrated education in Darlington, Sydney, to give spoken language to children who were found to be deaf. Their efforts not only changed options for children with hearing loss but also changed the possibilities for their life stories.

Remarkably, 50 years later The Shepherd Centre now has six centres throughout NSW and the ACT. Its outreach and online programs seem to know no bounds, connecting with families from Tasmania and in rural, regional and remote areas. Many children with various degrees of hearing loss, whether bilateral or unilateral – and from all walks of life – embark on a voyage to develop language and speech with the best guidance and support from The Shepherd Centre.

It is only through our generous supporters that the lives of children with hearing loss continue to thrive and reach their full potential. Thank you for celebrating 50 years with us and your considered donation.

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