Every step you take is good - Sarah's story

Every step you take is good - Sarah's story

Sarah, Mum to Isaac (aged 5), shares the drive behind her Half Marathon pursuit.

I have dodgy knees and while I can run for a short period on grass or the treadmill, I won’t run at all on asphalt or concrete. In May, I plan to walk the SMH half marathon, as fast as I can…

The Shepherd Centre has meant the world to us; I will always do what I can to return the favour. I am keen to raise awareness of The Shepherd Centre not only for what they’ve have done for our family, but also what they do for other children. I love their unique well-rounded approach to early intervention services, as well as the fact they are world leaders in their field.

To take a profoundly deaf child and send them off to mainstream school just blows me away.

Our son, Isaac has microtia, so it was obvious from the day he was born that he had a hearing loss. We started attending The Shepherd Centre when Isaac was around six months old. Isaac graduated from The Shepherd Centre last year and started school this year. He’s now reading and writing at a level way beyond the average kindy student. He is naturally bright, but without The Shepherd Centre there to keep us on track and troubleshoot any issues that arose from his hearing loss, he may not have reached his potential.

I think The Shepherd Centre’s goal of having every child reach their full potential will always stay with me. Isaac would have been ‘OK’ without any therapy, but he is thriving and I’ll keep pushing his school to challenge him and ensure he reaches his full potential. Our Child and Family Counsellor at The Shepherd Centre has been a godsend – the take home message is that it is OK to advocate for your child and how to do that calmly, rationally and with the outcome you are after.

I’ve done the City2Surf a couple of times – as a walker not a runner. I figure if I can conquer Heartbreak Hill with two kids and a pram, I can do anything! I don’t feel any pressure to finish within a certain time, I just want to finish. So, one foot in front of the other will be my mantra!

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