The gift of sound and speech – Renata’s story

An online donation in lieu of presents is a great way to wish your family and friends a happy birthday.

Birthday Fundraising is easy to do and families at The Shepherd Centre have found it takes away some of the pressure of planning – or attending – a party because the only gift needed is a donation to your birthday page.

Renata, whose two young children go to The Shepherd Centre, said, “From a family point of view it’s very practical, there’s no trip to Target so there isn’t this huge mission of finding a toy because you have to bring something.

“Personally, I would rather get 20 donations than 20 toys because a donation goes a lot further than a new toy that a child quickly loses interest in.”

When she first set up a birthday page for her eldest child she was unsure how long it would take and how much information was needed.

It actually wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. It was very easy because Everyday Hero [online fundraising site] has set up everything so you just a create page with your basic details and three messages: about yourself, your connection with The Shepherd Centre and what The Shepherd Centre does.

“Everything is online now and I’ve found that online fundraising spreads awareness much more quickly because you can share your page with your family and friends and social networks so people can instantly support what you’re doing.

It may work better for younger children because children develop expectations as they get older but my eldest is starting to understand how it works.

“As a family we’ve always been conscious about giving back and helping others and for us the best gift is the gift of sound and speech.”

Renata with Rafa and Gabriel enjoying Kidscape

Renata with Rafa and Gabriel enjoying Kidscape


Click here for more info about how you can give back on your next birthday or celebration.


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