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Sponsor Amira to help babies with hearing loss

Meet Little Amira

Little Amira from Canberra was born June 2018, her parents, Sarah and Jeremy found out about her hearing loss during the Statewide Infant Screeening for Hearing (SWISH) test in hospital. Her follow up testing with an audiologist at six weeks old confirmed Amira had profound bilateral hearing loss.

 “We were devastated. Our lives were turned on their heads.”Amira and mum are asking for your help to support kids with hearing loss

Sarah (Amira’s mum)

Although Amira’s parents were saddened by their baby’s diagnosis they found hope that via further testing she was identified as a strong candidate for cochlear implants.

“With a viable auditory nerve, we discovered Amira was a good candidate for cochlear implants and could then learn to listen and speak.”

While Amira’s parents were apprehensive about the surgery they were inspired by the possibilities available to their child through Audio Verbal Therapy offered at The Shepherd Centre. Upon activation of Amira’s cochlear implants just a week after surgery, mum Sarah said.

“It made me feel amazing that we could provide opportunities for her to learn to listen and speak.”

Father Jeremy shared his wife’s joy,

“The goal would be that Amira grows up feeling just like her big sister, Anna, who isn’t hearing impaired. We want her to feel she can achieve anything.”

Amira can now hear, but her journey to learn to listen and speak has only just begun…

Become a child sponsor to give children like Amira the best possible start in life.

Amira and her mum are asking for help to support deaf childrenAmira now requires one-on-one therapy and specialist services to help her develop the vital listening and speaking skills she needs to reach her full potential.

It costs approx. $18,000 per year to provide these critical services, without which Amira may never be able to enter mainstream schooling to create the future she deserves.

Please sponsor Amira for just $25 a month to give her access to vital services and support she urgently needs so she isn’t left behind.

Please help Amira learn to listen and speak. Change her life today.


How your sponsorship helps

When you sponsor a child just like Amira, you will give her access to life-changing support and services to help her reach her full potential. Your support will give children like Amira and her family access to:

  • One-to-one therapy with trained specialistsAmira and dad need your help to sponsor kids with hearing loss
  • Audiological support and services
  • Child and family counselling
  • Social skills groups

How it works

In sponsoring a child with hearing loss like Amira, you’ll be helping her to learn to listen and speak. As her sponsor, you’ll receive…

  • Photos and background information about Amira and her amazing family
  • Updates to share Amira’s journey as he progresses in the world of sound
  • Special updates to share her successes and milestones (as they happen)

Hear from Julie-Anne, who sponsored Rafael

“Sponsoring Rafael has been the most eye-opening and rewarding experience. I have loved every minute of it and look forward to each update about how he has progressed and improved with his hearing and speech, how he loves to bop and dance to music, and how he has blossomed into a loving cheeky little boy. I’m so thankful to be part of Rafael’s wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.” – Julie-Anne Henderson (Rafael’s sponsor)

About The Shepherd Centre

The Shepherd Centre is a registered charity, founded by the late Dr Bruce Shepherd AM and wife Annette to provide a family-centred early intervention program to teach children born deaf or hearing impaired how to develop spoken language.

The vast majority of children graduating from our world-leading program achieve spoken language at the same level as normal hearing children by the time they are ready for school. These outcomes have earned The Shepherd Centre an international reputation as a centre of excellence in helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak.

We offer e-learning and online telehealth services for those who may not be able to attend in centre or who may live in remote areas.

Approximately 30% of our funding is provided by the government through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The remaining 70% is funded through philanthropy and the generosity of the community.

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