This Christmas, give the gift of sound

“Goldie was a miracle baby. When she failed the hospital hearing test I brushed it aside and didn’t consider the possibility of her having hearing loss… Learning that she was profoundly deaf was devastating.”

When Goldie was born four weeks early, her mum Nell was caught up in the excitement of her baby daughter’s arrival. Although Goldie didn’t pass the hospital’s hearing test, Nell and her partner Troy remained optimistic. They were determined to maintain this positive attitude when they took Goldie in for a diagnostic assessment.

Sadly, the news was not what they were hoping for. Goldie was diagnosed with the most severe form of hearing loss.

Government funding can be slow to come through, but early intervention is vital for children with hearing loss. After Goldie’s diagnosis, Nell and Troy were able to turn to The Shepherd Centre for world-leading early intervention therapy.

When you donate, you give a gift to last a lifetime, the gift of sound.

Goldie underwent cochlear implant surgery, and at 6 months of age, gained access to sound for the first time.

“It’s upsetting to think that if we didn’t have The Shepherd Centre, Goldie might not be listening and speaking as well as she is now. We definitely do not take The Shepherd Centre for granted and know that we are so lucky.”

Will you help with a donation by 23 December so children with hearing loss can achieve their potential?

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