Help kids like Harper take the next step

Help kids like Harper take the next step | The Shepherd Centre

“Our little girl had already been through so much with her cancer treatment. Discovering Harper had profound hearing loss was gut-wrenching. We were so upset she had another hurdle to face.”

Before she was born, Harper was diagnosed with a rare form of genetic eye cancer called retinoblastoma, and as a tiny newborn, she endured six rounds of chemotherapy. Although this treatment cured her of cancer, it severely damaged her hearing.

At just 12 months of age, Harper was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears. 

For children with hearing loss, the first day of school is a significant milestone in a long and challenging journey.

In 2017, Harper underwent surgery and received two cochlear implants, and began speech and listening therapy at The Shepherd Centre. Although she was lagging behind when she began, she has now caught up, and communicates confidently with her parents, older brother Eli and friends.

It is the kindness of donors like you that helps us to equip children like Harper with the confidence they need to take that next big step of starting school. Limited government funding means your support is truly life-changing. 

“Harper’s more than excited to start big school! It’s been a long journey to get where we are today, but I seriously feel she isn’t disadvantaged at all. The magic of her cochlear implants and the priceless guidance and support of The Shepherd Centre mean that she is so confident about going to school.”

Will you help more kids like Harper to start school on equal footing with their hearing peers? Donate today so children with hearing loss can reach their potential.


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