Help kids like Lachie thrive at big school

Kids like Lachie need your support to thrive in the classroom

For kids like Lachie, the journey to ‘big school’ takes years of preparation.

At three weeks of age, Lachie was diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears. His mum, Jessica, was distraught. She had been hoping that Lachie would pass the hearing test on his second attempt. His diagnosis shattered that dream and left her worrying for her son’s future.

“I was worried that Lachie’s hearing loss would lead him being picked on or ostracised. As a parent, you don’t want your child to have to struggle. My greatest fead was that my son would be at a disadvantage in life.”

– Jessica, mother of five-year-old Lachie

Lachlan was fitted with his first set of hearing aids at seven weeks old and had his first meeting at The Shepherd Centre shortly afterwards. He has been attending regular sessions with us ever since.

It is vital that EVERY deaf child has the skills and confidence they need to make friends and thrive in the classroom.

Will you help raise $50,000 for kids like Lachie, so they can reach their full potential?

It is thanks to your generosity that enables us to provide children like Claire with weekly Listening and Spoken Language Therapy sessions so that she can reach her full potential.

Please help more kids like Lachie, who are missing out on vital early intervention support. Donate by 3rd March to help them thrive in the classroom.

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