Help kids with hearing loss like Henry this tax time

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“We discovered Henry’s microtia the day after he was born. He was taken to the NICU immediately after birth; we hadn’t even seen him yet.”

When twins Henry and Arthur were born 8 weeks early, they were whisked away from their parents to Intensive Care. It was a full day later that Claire and her partner Ed discovered that Henry was born with only one ear. They had no idea whether Henry could even hear and if not, what it might mean for his future.

Claire and Ed learned that the condition Henry was born with was called microtia. It meant his left ear and ear canal didn’t form properly.

What Claire didn’t know then – but she does know now – is that children with hearing loss in even one ear can still experience difficulty developing speech and language.

With the right support Henry will be able to join his brother Arthur at mainstream school, maybe even university.

When you donate, you help give Henry a future filled with possibility. A future where he can do everything his twin brother can.

When Henry was fitted with his hearing device Claire and Ed saw the benefits immediately,

“Henry was more receptive and happier. I could see him start to turn his head the correct way in response to sounds. When he giggled for the first time it was amazing. He’d had a tough journey and it took longer then his brother to hear his first laugh. I cried with joy.”

Will you help with a donation by 30 June so children with hearing loss can achieve their potential?

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