This Christmas your support means TWICE AS MUCH for children like Olive!


“Olive faces an uphill battle at school. We don’t know if the teacher will know what to expect of a child with hearing loss. Will the classroom be set up right? Will other kids treat her differently because she has devices on her head? It’s terrifying.”
– Rachel, mother of four-year-old Olive

The much-adored daughter of parents Adrian and Rachel, and beloved little sister to Aengus, 6, Olive was born a tiny but perfect bundle of joy at Manly Hospital on the New South Wales northern beaches. Like all newborn babies, Olive’s hearing was tested as part of routine hospital screening. And having sailed through this process with Aengus, mum Rachel wasn’t terribly concerned about the outcome.

That is, until Olive didn’t pass her initial hearing test.

Olive started with hearing aids but her hearing deteriorated further and she went on to have cochlear implants.

Now aged four, Olive is making wonderful strides, communicating clearly with her family and friends; and preparing for an exciting new chapter – the beginning of her school journey – with the support of The Shepherd Centre’s Transition to School program.

Rachel wanted to pass on this special message to our supporters:

“I want to wish you a Merry Christmas – and to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. YOU are helping Olive find her way in a world of sound. YOU are teaching her to have conversations, to make new friends. Thanks to YOUR help, she hears kookaburras in the morning, and musical instruments playing. Thanks to YOU, Olive is doing all the things I feared she never would. From my family to yours – thank you.”

For a deaf child, school can be a scary place. Without the right support, children like Olive face social and emotional isolation, and risk falling behind their peers.
But you can help.

This Christmas, your support means TWICE AS MUCH to children in need as YOUR GIFT WILL BE MATCHED, making double the impact for children like Olive.

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