Why leave gift in my Will to The Shepherd Centre?

We rely on the kindness of people like you as government funding currently only covers 45% of our costs. Sadly, not all hearing impaired children receive support and this is why we are asking you to consider this gift.

For every child in our program, we know that there is another child out there who desperately needs our services. 50% of children who need it are simply not receiving support from any specialist providers. Your long-lasting support will help to change these sad statistics in the future.

How do I make or change my Will?

We would strongly advise the use of a solicitor to obtain expert advice and ensure accuracy. We also advise that you consult a solicitor when writing or making changes to an existing Will.

I have already made my Will – is it too late for me to leave a gift in my Will to The Shepherd Centre?

No. Changing your Will and adding a gift to The Shepherd Centre is easy; all you have to do is make a ‘codicil’ (or a document that amends a previously executed will). When you next see your solicitor, just take a copy of our wording with you and they can simply update your existing Will for you.

Can I make a gift in my Will to more than one charity?

Yes, your solicitor can arrange this for you.

Do I need to leave my entire estate to The Shepherd Centre?

No, and we strongly encourage you to ensure that you look after your family and/or loved ones first.

What are the different types of gift I can leave?

Percentage: You can make a provision for a proportion of your estate to be gifted to The Shepherd Centre.

Residuary: After making provision for your loved ones, you can then donate a part of the balance of your estate to The Shepherd Centre.

Pecuniary (set amount): This option allows you to nominate a set amount of money to be donated to The Shepherd Centre.

Assets: You can gift specific items from your Will to The Shepherd Centre. Some suggestions might include shares, property, life insurance funds, artworks and jewellery. These can be itemised and bequeathed to The Shepherd Centre. 

What type of gift would The Shepherd Centre prefer?

Whilst any gift is greatly appreciated, a residual legacy or a percentage are the best options because they maintain a relative value and automatically adjust to changes in the value of your estate. These legacy types do not decrease in value over time.

Why should I let you know that I have left you a gift in my Will?

Informing us of your generous decision is important as it allows us to thank you personally. When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to The Shepherd Centre, you are joining a very special group of like-minded supporters.

The Hearing Heroes Community was established to honour and acknowledge the generosity of people who have remembered The Shepherd Centre in their Will. It is an exclusive membership that does not involve any fees or responsibilities.

As a Hearing Hero, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a special membership gift. You will be invited to exclusive Shepherd Centre tours and events, including opportunities to meet our CEO, clinical staff and families. You will be kept up to date with what is happening at The Shepherd Centre.

What if I want my gift to remain anonymous?

We would still love to thank you privately, however, we respect all our donors’ wishes and your details will be held in strictest confidence. You will control the level of contact that you receive from us.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have further questions, would like a confidential discussion or to receive our Gifts in Wills information pack, please contact:

Samantha Meisner-Lemon

Planned Giving Coordinator

P: 02 9370 4470

E: [email protected]

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