This Christmas, give the gift that lasts a lifetime

Children like Claire need your help

Imagine how different Christmas would be if you couldn’t hear the laughter of your loved ones, the melodies of your favourite carols or even the rustle of wrapping paper…

Children born deaf are missing out on these magical festive sounds.

When Claire was born in July 2018, her parents were thrilled to welcome their baby daughter into the world, and their son Lucas was very excited about having a little sister. Unfortunately, Claire did not pass the hospital’s hearing test for newborns.

“We learned that Claire had severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. Her dad and I are recessive carriers of a hearing loss gene. We were completely unaware… We were just so shocked and saddened.”

– Jen, Claire’s mum

Jen discovered The Shepherd Centre, and Claire began attending sessions when she was only three months old.

It is thanks to your generosity that enables us to provide children like Claire with weekly Listening and Spoken Language Therapy sessions so that she can reach her full potential.

This Christmas, give the gift of sound. Donate by December 23 to help children like Claire receive the support they need to thrive.

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