Help children like Kayne receive the support they need

Kayne was healthy little boy about to turn two, until he developed frightening symptoms of vomiting, loss of speech and balance issues. It was discovered that Kayne had a devastating, rare and aggressive form of brain tumour. He had only a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Kayne underwent multiple operations and he was left with a multitude of severe deficits including hearing loss in both ears from the chemotherapy.

Delays to Kayne’s speech mean that he requires continuing support to help with his speech and hearing. Without this support Kayne’s language development will continue to be delayed and will not improve. Time is most definitely against him as there is only a short window of opportunity for children to acquire language skills – the clock is ticking for Kayne.

Kayne’s ongoing needs require funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that he is not getting. It was devastating for Kayne’s mum, Dani to receive notice that the total approved amount was only one third of what is needed!

With your help, I need to raise $198,000 to ensure kids like Kayne do not miss out on therapy. Kayne’s speech is and will continue to be delayed without funding.