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Take action

Hearing loss remains the most common disability diagnosed at birth. The incidence has stayed steady over the years and rises from 1 in 1000 at birth to 1 in 300 by school age (due to acquired and developing hearing loss). In the past The Shepherd Centre advocated strongly for infant screening which has now become an essential service for all newborns across NSW. Now, we remain committed to supporting the introduction of toddler/preschool hearing screening to pick up all hearing losses in children at the earliest opportunity.

Early Intervention is vital in supporting children with hearing loss to reach their full potential and to thrive at school and in their community. This approach has led to the vast majority of The Shepherd Centre graduates entering mainstream schools with listening and language skills on par with, or exceeding, their hearing peers. Your donation will support children to receive the gift of sound and give their family hope for a bright future.  

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