The Role of Music in Your Family: Online Survey

Do you have a child aged 2­‐5 yrs yet to start primary school? If so, you could help us by completing an online survey on music!

This survey is part of an exciting study at Macquarie University investigating the role music plays in families and how it can impact on a child’s development. The survey takes about 35 minutes and is completely anonymous. It can be completed on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

By participating in the study, you will be helping to improve the quality of life for children with hearing impairment.

Survey links:

1. Normal Hearing Children http://bit.ly/2soq3mV

2. Children with a Hearing Aid(s), including Bone Anchored http://bit.ly/2qxVFKH

3. Children with a Cochlear Implant(s), including Bimodial (CI and HA) http://bit.ly/2sT837w

For more information, contact Jack Tuckerman ([email protected])

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