This Christmas, give a gift that is music to a child’s ears

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“The day we were told Charlie was deaf, our whole world was turned upside down. We had no knowledge or experience of deafness, but we knew instantly that this would have a huge impact on our lives.”
Mel, mother of three-year-old Charlie

Like all first-time parents, Mel and Ben had been eagerly anticipating Charlie’s arrival. That Charlie was due at Christmas time made it all the more special – a chance to spend their first Christmas together as a family of three. But soon after Charlie was born, their joy turned to despair as Charlie didn’t pass any of her hearing tests.

When Charlie was three months old, Mel began attending regular therapy sessions at The Shepherd Centre in Newtown. Up until that point, she had been feeling lost, unsure about what the future might hold for Charlie.

Charlie received her first cochlear implant at 16 months, and her second at age three. Since then, Mel says her progress has been nothing short of astounding.

Charlie is continuing to make fantastic strides with her therapy, and Mel and Ben are looking forward to creating wonderful new Christmas memories together as a family this year.

The Shepherd Centre is committed to ensuring that EVERY family gets the help they need so their child can listen, speak and reach their potential. Please help today! 

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