Our results

We are incredibly proud of our work helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak; our largest ever cohort of graduates – the Class of 2015 – have just started big school! Each year we help over 400 children and families from our five centres in NSW and the ACT, and our teleintervention service and residential workshops enables us to access families living in Tasmania, overseas and in rural and remote parts of Australia. Wollongong4 More than 90 per cent of our graduates enter mainstream schools; the majority with communication skills on par with their hearing peers. These wonderful results developed from our commitment to three key principles – family focus, quality and industry leadership. These core principles have underpinned our approach to childhood hearing loss that is unparalleled; no other centre we know of across the globe has published results matching ours. We are a world leader in the field of Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT); we have given hundreds of parents the tools and strategies they need to build their child’s language and listening skills and create a future full of sound and speech. Our high standards in delivering quality programs that are tailored to the individual needs of each family, backed up by global research and analysis, has placed us in the unique position to change the lives of all Australian children with hearing loss. To read our success stories, please click here. To read our parent testimonials, please click here.