Gifts in Wills

An overview

Over the past 50 years, The Shepherd Centre has helped over 2000 children who are deaf or hearing impaired, helping them learn to listen and speak. Starting in 1970 with one centre and just five families, today The Shepherd Centre has 6 centres and supports more than 700 children across Australia face-to-face and via telehealth.

Over 90% of children who graduate from our world-leading program achieve the same level of spoken language as their hearing peers by the time they are ready for school. We rely greatly on the generosity of our supporters to deliver our services.

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most generous ways you can support children with hearing loss by giving them the ultimate gifts of sound and speech.  A gift in the Will is a specific instruction to reserve part of your estate – such as possessions, shares or money – for a chosen beneficiary. You can specify an amount, a percentage, or the residue of your estate.

No matter how big or small, your gift will ensure that The Shepherd Centre can continue to exist and expand, and future generations of children will continue to receive life-changing Early Intervention programs and services so they can reach their full potential in life.

If you have already decided to leave a gift to support children with hearing loss and you are planning to see your legal advisor or solicitor in the near future, you may like to provide the following suggested wording:

Suggested wording

I give to The Shepherd Centre (Australian Business Number 61 000 699 927), for its general charitable purposes            % of my estate
OR the rest and residue of my estate
OR the sum of $                
OR                              [specify item, e.g. shares, work of art]
and I declare that the receipt of the authorised representative of The Shepherd Centre shall be sufficient discharge for my bequest.

For solicitors, executors and trustees

If you are a solicitor, executor or trustee, please click here for detailed information to assist your clients in including The Shepherd Centre in their Will.

Bob’s Story

Bob Ross has been the Volunteer Caretaker at Wollongong Centre for the past nine years.

For almost a decade “Gardener Bob” maintained the property, transformed the centre’s gardens, and delighted children and families as “the man in red” at the annual Christmas party.

‘It was without a doubt the most enjoyable time of my retirement, especially interacting with the kids in the preschool and the extracurricular task every December!’

Born and bred in Wollongong, Bob joined the military after school, finding himself well-suited to the job and enjoying travelling overseas.

When Bob became profoundly deaf at the age of sixty, he felt utterly alone. To read more about Bob’s story, click here.

Sarah’s Story

I was visiting my parents’ house a few years ago and answered their telephone to a lovely lady who was soliciting for contributions to The Shepherd Centre.

The reason I answered the phone is that my mother is almost completely deaf unless she has her hearing aids in and so the call would otherwise have gone unanswered. I thought there was a beautiful symmetry to the story and so the call was in some ways “meant to be”.

I had not heard of The Shepherd Centre but I spoke to my mum about it and she was very familiar with Dr Bruce Shepherds’ work – I instantly signed up as a contributor and have been one ever since.

I grew up with my Mum needing aids to hear and I also had a profoundly deaf Uncle. To read more of Sarah’s story, click here.

Hearing Heroes

Leave a gift in will to The Shepherd Centre

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to The Shepherd Centre, you are joining a very special group of like-minded supporters. The Hearing Heroes Community was established to honour and acknowledge the generosity of people who have remembered The Shepherd Centre in their Will. For more information, click here.

Because of The Shepherd Centre

To learn more about how your gift could make a difference to the lives of children with hearing loss, watch this video.

More information

For more information, visit our FAQs page or download a copy of our free Gifts in Wills booklet. To request a paper copy, please complete our contact form.

Contact Us

To discuss leaving a gift to The Shepherd Centre in your Will, please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Sam on 02 9370 4470 or at [email protected]

You can also enter your details in the contact form and Sam will be in touch for a confidential chat.

RMB Lawyers

We have a special friendship with RMB Lawyers, a trusted and award-winning firm with a 130-year history. They offer a free Will service to families and supporters of The Shepherd Centre.

To find out more or to book an appointment, please contact 1800 681 211 or email [email protected]

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