Meet Our Extraordinary Alumni & Graduates

Read about their inspiring journeys of triumph and empowerment at The Shepherd Centre and Hear For You.

Our past graduates and supporters

At The Shepherd Centre, we believe in the power of connection, resilience, and endless possibilities. Within the walls of The Shepherd Centre, countless lives have been forever changed. We’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring moments when a child hears their first words or delights in the sound of music for the very first time. We’ve seen parents’ faces light up with joy as they witness their child’s progress, and the tears of gratitude that flow freely from the depths of their hearts. Our dedicated team of experts, therapists, educators, and volunteers have worked tirelessly, hand in hand with families, to nurture a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child can flourish.

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our graduates and the unwavering support of our compassionate network. Please see below some beautiful headshots and short biographies of these inspiring individuals. 

Together, we can create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Discover their inspirational stories


Erine Kim

At just 10 years old, Erine has achieved incredible things despite challenges. She excels academically, thrives in sports, and runs for charity for children with hearing loss.

Her determination and resilience inspire others, showing that anything is possible with hard work. In gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, Tee Ball, Netball, and dancing, Erine achieves impressive results despite her balance issues.

She fearlessly advocates for herself, shares her story, and serves as an ambassador for “Noisy Night,” raising awareness and funds for children with hearing loss.

Erine is a true inspiration, leaving a lasting impact at such a young age.


Thomas Armstrong

Throughout his early school years, Tom earned a prestigious award for his care and compassion towards his peers.

In 2022 he became part of the Student Representative Council and was selected as a buddy to a kindergarten student, a role typically reserved for older students.

Tom’s involvement in sports is commendable, as he has been part of a development squad and has participated in both club and representative soccer, earning him the title of Most Improved Player.

He also coaches and referees younger age groups, actively contributing to his soccer club. Tom’s achievements extend to athletics and swimming, where he has represented his school at district and regional levels, earning him age champion awards.

Despite his commitments, Tom remains dedicated to family farm life and pursuing his passion for painting.


Nate Korbl 

As a passionate sports superstar, Nate defies his hearing loss to excel on the field.

Representing ACT in various sports, Nate has received numerous accolades, including being the highest try and point scorer in the U12 competition for ACT and winning the U12 Achievement Award.

He has also been nominated for the U12 Achievement award and the U12 All-rounder sports person category at the ACT School Sports Excellence Awards.

Nate’s natural talent and unwavering dedication have led to his participation in representative Oz tag for ACT and his selection for the City Country team for 2 consecutive years.

With aspirations to pursue a successful sporting career, Nate’s remarkable accomplishments and strong family support fuel his dreams.


Olive O’Hagan

Currently in Year 3, Olive fearlessly advocates for her “magic ears” and is not afraid of speaking up. She is positioned at the top of her class in math and spelling. She also excels in sports (netball, swimming, touch football) and the performing arts (jazz and dance).

Olive’s motto, “You don’t have to be perfect, just give it a go,” reflects her fearless approach to life. Despite having surgery removing her left implant for 6 months, she worked hard to get back on top.

Her journey is a testament to the resilience and the extraordinary power of a young girl who continues to shine brightly in everything she does.


Nikolai Olding

Despite being born prematurely and facing multiple disabilities and being told that his acquired disabilities, including chronic lung disease, mild ataxic Cerebral Palsy, mild intellectual impairment, and moderate to profound hearing loss, would be difficult to overcome, Nikolai has defied the odds. With the help of dedicated practitioners, including those at the Shepherd Centre, Nikolai has made incredible progress.

At the age of 18, he discovered rowing as a way to manage his condition, and his dedication paid off. Nikolai achieved a gold medal in the National Titles for Para-Rowing doubles and represented Australia in the INAS Global Games, earning multiple silver and bronze medals


Henry Hughes

Henry started his advocacy work with the Swimming NSW Youth Advisory Panel, which resulted in a recommendation for a partnership with ReachOut Australia.

He is now a ReachOut Youth Ambassador and Committee member. With ReachOut, Henry worked as a Youth Consultant for Meta & Project RockIT co-authoring the Our Metaverse: Young People & The Digital Future Report.

Due to a previous project with SNSW, Henry is now on the Embrace Collective Youth Advisory Council, where he is now working alongside Taryn Brumfitt, the 2023 Australian of the Year on a more national approach to body confidence in sport.

His swimming career, Henry represented Australia at the Deaflympics and World Deaf Swimming Championships, with the honour of being selected as Team Captain for the upcoming World Championships.

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