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When you have a hearing loss diagnosis, you need a team of experts in your corner. Our team is not just family-friendly, they also get incredible results.

Listening and Spoken Language Specialists

Our Listening & Spoken Language therapists are speech pathologists that have undertaken additional study, training, and accreditation in the areas of developing listening skills and spoken language skills, with particular attention to paediatric hearing loss.


Our Audiologists are experts in paediatric hearing loss. Our First Sounds Implant Program provides audiological, medical, and family support; as well as speech, language and listening services – all of these are essential to support a child and their family prior to, during and in the long-term following implant surgeries with devices such as Cochlear Ltd. implants and Cochlear Ltd Baha®

Child and Family Counsellors

We know that a hearing loss diagnosis can often be unexpected. Our expert Child and Family Counsellors offer a mix of one-on-one counselling, family therapy, and group programs for children and families, depending on your needs or your child’s needs. Each therapist comes armed with the skills and experience in supporting you and your child through their hearing journey.

Early Educators

Our Early Educators specialize in working with young children with hearing loss, from babies to children of up to six years of age.

Together our multi-disciplinary team wraps around your family, ensuring the best outcome for your child. The vast majority of children graduating from our world-leading program achieve spoken language at the same level as typical hearing children by the time they are ready for school.

Meet the Listening and Spoken Language Team

Meet the Audiology Team

Meet the Child and Family Counselling Team

What do our families say?

Love the supportive environment and absolutely love the staff that we interact with on a regular basis. Everyone goes above and beyond and it’s very appreciated.

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