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The Shepherd Centre is a registered charity, founded by Dr Bruce Shepherd AM and his late wife Annette to provide a family-centred early intervention program to teach children born deaf or hearing impaired how to develop spoken language.

Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has assisted more than 2,500 children who are deaf or hearing impaired, to improve their quality of life. The organisation is recognised as a world leader in the field of early intervention Listening and Spoken Language therapy, providing families with assistance to develop their child’s spoken language, so they can unlock their complete potential and participate fully in society.

Today, The Shepherd Centre provides a range of flexible services to over 700 families across seven centres in NSW and the ACT, as well as outreach support across Tasmania and rural/remote Australia.

The vast majority of children graduating from our world-leading program achieve spoken language at the same level as normal hearing children by the time they are ready for school. These outcomes have earned The Shepherd Centre an international reputation as a centre of excellence in helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak.

You can read more about outcomes at The Shepherd Centre by clicking here.


To work, along with partner organisations, towards ensuring that every child achieves the best listening and spoken language they are capable of; and the development of their skills is supported to maximise their social inclusion.


To enable children who are deaf and hearing-impaired to develop spoken language so they may fully participate in the world, and in doing so, reach their full potential.

Annual Report

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The Shepherd Centre is a proud member of First Voice, a national alliance of member organisations whose primary focus is the provision of listening and spoken language for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

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Contact us on 1800 020 030 or email [email protected]. To see contact details of our centres click here.

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