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At The Shepherd Centre, we are experienced with working with different professionals to support babies and children with hearing loss. We aim to equip teachers, educators, speech pathologists, paediatric audiologists, therapists, allied health professionals and parents with current research based knowledge and practical skills to support children with hearing loss to develop clear, age-appropriate speech, language, literacy and social skills through audition and listening, in a variety of educational and developmental settings.

Professional Development Hub

We have a full suite of accredited professional development courses to support your work with children who are hearing impaired. All of our Professional Development program lives on our sister site

Why should I choose The Shepherd Centre?

The Shepherd Centre is an internationally recognised leading provider of early intervention programs for children with hearing loss. Renowned for its outstanding results, the vast majority of children typically graduate from The Shepherd Centre to attend mainstream school with listening and spoken language skills on par with those of their hearing peers.

Who should attend?

  • Itinerant Support Teachers for children with hearing loss
  • K-12 Teachers
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Paediatric audiologists
  • Early Intervention Specialists
  • Preschool Educators
  • Childcare Educators
  • Parents with school-age children


HearHub’s innovative online tools and courses provide professionals with a suite of unique resources to support children and their families. HearHub is a revolution in clinical practice. Experience HearHub today.

What does HearHub do?

With The Shepherd Centre’s 50 years of experience in clinical program delivery and research, HearHub will ensure clinicians and families anywhere in Australia and the world can access a selection of innovative and exclusive online tools designed to help them deliver the best possible support for children with hearing loss or listening issues.

HearHub also provides interactive courses that are founded in best-practice principles and hearing loss research. All programs provide professional development training to aid the delivery of the course to children and families.

HearHub is on a mission to improve the listening and communication skills of children with hearing loss around the world by revolutionising the way clinicians and educators work with children in the listening space. By equipping hearing healthcare professionals with innovative tools, knowledge and resources they need to support a child’s listening and spoken language development, HearHub aims to inspire them to be even more effective. With HearHub, professionals are better able to inform parents of ways they can develop their child’s listening, language and communication skills.


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