About Us

Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has assisted close to 2,000 children who are deaf or hearing impaired, to improve their quality of life. The organisation is recognised as a world leader in the field of early intervention Auditory-Verbal Therapy, providing families with assistance to develop their child’s spoken language, so they can reach their full potential and be a fully contributing member of the community.

The Shepherd Centre’s Mission

To work, along with partner organisations, towards every child with hearing loss (to 18 years’ old) in New South Wales and the ACT achieving the best listening and spoken language they are capable of; and to support their development of skills to maximise their social inclusion. Services are also provided selectively to children in other areas such as Tasmania, and to adults we’ve supported as a child. We strive for all of our work to be founded on evidence-based best practice. Our aim is to be the best in the world in terms of the standard of our clinical programs; the outcomes being achieved by the children; the efficiency of our operations; and our ability to connect people with our cause. Our clinical work includes integrated services incorporating listening and spoken language clinical programs including audiological and counselling support; coordinated access to multi-agency services including cochlear implantation; and research and outreach in support of our mission. Our core customer in focussing our efforts towards achieving this mission is the family of the child with hearing loss. We will not invest in activities that significantly detract from our ability to fulfil this mission.

The Shepherd Centre’s Vision

To enable children who are deaf and hearing-impaired to develop spoken language so they may fully participate in the world, and in doing so, reach their full potential.

The Shepherd Centre’s Annual Report

To view our 2015 Annual Report, please click here.

Facts about The Shepherd Centre

  • The Shepherd Centre was founded in 1970 by Dr Bruce Shepherd AM and his late wife Annette and was the first Early Intervention agency in Australia to teach Auditory-Oral Therapy to hearing-impaired children.
  • Today, The Shepherd Centre helps over 350 children and families each year in five centres in NSW and ACT, as well as families in rural and remote areas of Australia and overseas through our residential workshop program  and via our teleintervention program  (assistance via videoconferencing).
  • Outcomes show that 90% of children who graduate from The Shepherd Centre enter mainstream schooling, the vast majority with speech and language skills on par with their typically hearing classmates.
  • The majority of our required funding comes from the generosity of the community via fundraising  and donations, which enables The Shepherd Centre to continue to provide its life-changing programs and support to children and their families.
  • It costs approximately $18,000 a year to provide each child who with the essential therapy they need to learn to listen and speak, the vast majority of which The Shepherd Centre must cover through fundraising.
  • The Shepherd Centre is a proud member of First Voice, a national alliance of member organisations whose primary focus is the provision of listening and spoken language for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Contact us on 1800 020 030 or email [email protected]