Managing NDIS can be tricky so we’ll be sharing regular tips to make it easy! This week our focus is self-managed funding for NDIS plans

Receiving and paying invoices

  1. The Shepherd Centre emails invoices once a month. The invoice will be for services provided in the month prior (e.g. the August email will be an invoice for July services). If you don’t receive your invoice by the middle of the month please let your team know.
  2. Invoices are sent from our accounts team (Allen, Shweta P or Shweta M). Sometimes these can automatically be sent to your junk inbox so check there first. If it is there, move it to your main inbox and mark that the sender is not a junk address.
  3. We appreciate if invoices are paid within 14 days to ensure we can continue to provide services.

If you have any questions please ask your team or case manager. 

NDIS and myGov

Did you know you can easily view your child’s NDIS plan any time using myGov? Here’s some tips families find useful:

  1. We recommend using the myGov website rather than the app, it’s much easier!
  2. If you haven’t already, link the NDIS to your myGov account. You’ll find it under the ‘Services’ tab.
  3. Once you have activated this service you can access the myplace portal anytime. Just make sure to select your child’s name at the top right of the myplace portal.
  4. Through myplace you can keep track of your plan spending, share your plan with providers (like us!) and make payment requests if you self-manage funding.
  5. You can also see your child’s new plan as soon as its approved. This makes it easy for services to continue when a plan ends!

For more help, find how-to guides here or contact your planner.

Reviewing NDIS plans

We know reviewing NDIS plans can be stressful, so we’ve put together some helpful tips:

  1. To ensure funding and services can easily continue we recommend booking a review meeting 8 weeks ahead of your plan’s end date.
  2. To help you with a smooth transition between plans, The Shepherd Centre will start pre-planning 3 months before your plan’s end date.
  3. Did you know The Shepherd Centre writes personalised reports and service recommendations for every child? To help us with this, we ask that you please let your team know the date of your plan review meeting as soon as you can. This gives us time to discuss it with you and help in any way we can.

New NDIS plans

Changing over NDIS plans is often tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s some tips to remember so we can help you as best as we can:

  1. Did you know providers (like The Shepherd Centre) don’t receive information about your NDIS plans or plan reviews? We need you to update us!
  2. To make sure we support you properly we ask that you please update us as soon as you have any new NDIS information. This includes the date of your plan review meeting and the details of your new plan.
  3. When you have a new plan, let us know as soon as possible so we can complete a new service agreement. This helps us a lot and means we can continue services without disruptions.

Accessing support

The Shepherd Centre knows that navigating the NDIS can be difficult for families. Please know there is support available to you!

  1. Your ECEI Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is there to help you individually.
  2. They have specific funding to ensure you understand everything and that you can implement all parts of your plan.
  3. If you have questions about how your funding was allocated, the support and services you can spend certain budgets on or how to use the myplace portal, they are the best person to contact.
  4. To make sure you receive all the support you are entitled to, we suggest saving their direct phone number and email so you can easily contact them.

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