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Who we are

The Shepherd Centre is a world-leading, child-safe NDIS service provider and specialist in helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak. We have helped thousands of children reach their full potential for over 50 years.

We don’t have waitlists for Early Intervention

We know a child’s diagnosis may be a difficult time for parents: that’s why we are ready to see you right away. In fact, the first person you will meet with at The Shepherd Centre is a Child and Family Counsellor, who is there to support you and your family. From there, our team of experts will tailor a program for your child’s individual needs. No waitlist for our Early Intervention program is just the beginning of our family-first approach.

What we do

Our child-safe programs meet the needs of your child at all ages and stages; from our world-leading early intervention system for babies and toddlers to our mentoring program, “Hear for You”, which supports school-aged children and teenagers.

Early Intervention for babies and toddlers

World-leading First Sounds Implant Program

Inclusive preschools rated “Exceeding”

School readiness programs and school-age services

Youth mentoring for teenagers with our partner Hear for You

Flexible access options

Choose from in-person, online or a combination of both.
We offer a complete system with service options and programs specifically tailored to your child’s needs.

Why choose The Shepherd Centre?

Exceptional outcomes

The vast majority of children who graduate from our world-leading services go on to attend mainstream schools and achieve spoken language on par with their hearing peers by the time they start school.

World-leaders in our field

The Shepherd Centre is a child-safe internationally recognised world leader in our field. We have one of the highest numbers of internationally accredited Listening and Spoken Language Specialists in Australia and a world-leading cochlear implant program.

Family-centred care

Our team of specialists will work together for your child and regularly consult with health professionals in your community. We will work with you to create a program for your child using an evidence-based early intervention model.

We cater for all levels of hearing loss

Our Sound Direction Plus program is specifically tailored for children with unilateral and mild levels of hearing loss. 

We cater for additional needs

One in five children at The Shepherd Centre has diagnosed additional needs that impact on their communication. If your child has additional needs, we will develop a program tailored to your child’s needs.

Interpreting services available

Over 30% of children use a language in addition to English. If English is not your first language and you require additional support, we offer interpreter services on request.

Get started today

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What our families say

Our success stories

We understand that a hearing loss diagnosis is often unexpected. Children with hearing loss can have a bright future and reach their maximum potential, achieve their dreams and participate fully in a hearing world if they get the right specialist support as early as possible.

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