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  • Ideas on how to get around masks as a barrier in the classroom

    Ideas on how to get around masks as a barrier in the classroom 02 Nov 2021

    By David Brady- Director of Advocacy and Engagement
    The COVID-19 pandemic has normalised mask wearing in a variety of contexts as a way of preventing the spread of the disease. Over the past few months it even became mandated by the NSW and ACT Governments due to the highly contagious Delta strain. This

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  • 13 sensory play ideas for your own backyard

    13 sensory play ideas for your own backyard 09 Jul 2021

    Kids love cubbyhouses and with everyone spending more time at home, they’re a great way to keep them outside and occupied for hours! What’s more – not only is sensory play easy to organise, it also positively contributes to a child’s development. We recommend these tips to families as simple ways for children

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  • Confident Kids

    Confident Kids 15 Dec 2020


    The Shepherd Centre would like to thank The Australian Turf Club Foundation for their generous support of our Confident Kids Program in 2020.
    Confident Kids is a group education course which empowers hearing-impaired children with the social skills they need to thrive at a mainstream primary school. Participating children

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  • Bill’s Room

    Bill’s Room 15 Dec 2020


    When you walk into The Shepherd Centre headquarters in Newtown you’ll notice Bill’s Room. It’s a special place where Therapists can teach listening and spoken language skills to children. A video conference facility has also been installed in the room to enable online conferencing sessions with families in rural

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  • Claire and her cochlear implant

    Claire and her cochlear implant 14 Dec 2020


    Waiting for a hearing diagnosis
    When Claire was born in July 2018, her parents were thrilled to welcome their baby daughter into the world, and their son Lucas was very excited about having a little sister. Unfortunately, Claire did not pass the hospital’s hearing test for newborns.
    The family

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