Online Telehealth System


The Shepherd Centre’s Online Telehealth System ensures families can access all of our services and programs in a convenient location.

The system is available to all families to access from their home, a local education setting, or other locations suitable to each family.  

Our team works with local educational support workers and allied health professionals to help achieve the best possible outcomes for each child.

Families have access to all services including:

  • audiology
  • child and family counselling
  • speech pathology
  • group programs to guide and coach families with children with hearing loss


deviceWhat you need:

  • a device with a working camera, microphone and speaker
  • reliable internet connection
  • suitable space for The Shepherd Centre intervention
  • Video conference link for your session or group




What to expect:

The same services you receive in centre will be available online.

Our transdisciplinary team of specialist audiologists, child and family counsellors and speech pathologists are experienced in delivering individual and group sessions using our Online Telehealth System.

The session structure is similar to what is received in centre and allows for more flexibility for you and your family. Your clinician will discuss how to prepare for sessions.


online programsWhat are the benefits of our Online Telehealth System?

Our program provides expert advice in paediatric hearing loss to guide and coach parents in their local environment.

The expert team support children’s listening, literacy, language and social development using everyday equipment and daily life routines.

Your child can use their favourite toys, books or games in sessions while the team guide you through listening and spoken language development.

Sessions in the comfort of your own home allows for flexibility in schedules and limits disruptions to your program. 

It also gives opportunities to invite other family members to join and be part of each child’s listening and spoken language development.


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Want to give our Online Telehealth System a try?

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