Hearing Loss Research & Discovery

Our hearing loss research. Delivering evidence-based outcomes

The Shepherd Centre is one of the few early intervention centres that invests in hearing loss research.  The continuous expansion of our research domains links directly to improving both our clinical practices as well as using our evidence base to optimise opportunities that will enable our children to maintain their potential as individuals. Translational research is at the heart of the evidence based services and programs we provide at The Shepherd Centre. We rely on our internal hearing loss research projects and our national and international collaborations to inform us of the aspects of our programs that are working well, those that can be improved, the gaps in services and outcomes that exist and what and how we can continuously improve what we do for every child and family we work with. The collection, collation and review of the broad range of measures we use is made possible through our Child Development Information System (CDIS) which underpins our data collection and guides our clinical practice. Our strong clinical hearing loss research and outstanding outcomes continues to be internationally recognised with our work presented at international conferences around the globe.

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