• Sound bites – read our January 2021 donor e-newsletter

    Sound bites – read our January 2021 donor e-newsletter 19 Jan 2021

    Help kids like Lachlan reach their full potential and thrive in the classroom
    Our children are off to big school thanks to the help of our supporters
    Support from the Australian Chinese Charity Foundation sees confidence breed success 
    Read how Elly encouraged her mum to read to her early on
    Find out why Bob’s

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  • Thank you Australian Chinese Charitable Foundation

    Thank you Australian Chinese Charitable Foundation 19 Jan 2021

    The Shepherd Centre would like to thank The Australian Chinese Charity Foundation for their generous support of our parents in 2020.
    As we reflect on the challenges of the past 12 months, we are inspired by the strength and courage of mums and dads who participated in our parent education course: ‘Listening Foundations: A

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  • The digital impact

    The digital impact 18 Jan 2021

    ‘I can see the day,’ says Hugh, ‘when there are computer programs teaching children with hearing loss things like sharing and humour, basic things other children pick up early because they understand things like intonation and sarcasm, all those nuances of language that just aren’t words. I believe it’s the next big challenge for the auditory-verbal world.’

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  • It’s the little things

    It’s the little things 11 Jan 2021

    ‘I was fitted with two hearing aids and enrolled into the program,’ says Bella. ‘I learnt to use what hearing I had and then worked on my speech. I didn’t speak very well until I was five. But thanks to speech therapy and training at The Shepherd Centre I was able to catch up to my peers.’

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  • My North Star

    My North Star 24 Dec 2020

    Carly Hessey remembers feeling totally lost when she found out her little baby was profoundly deaf.

    ‘Elle’s hearing loss was picked up through the hearing test after her birth, and then confirmed six weeks later. I had no idea what this meant for her future.’

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