• The Diagnosis

    The Diagnosis 07 Jul 2020

    The alarm bells hummed but nothing more. In the back of her mind Nadia didn’t really think her child was born deaf. Her two other children could hear and there was no history of hearing loss in the family.

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  • A great head start

    A great head start 06 Jul 2020

    It’s a totally different world for her daughter than Nga imagined when they were first told Mae didn’t pass the newborn hearing test.

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  • Having fun with food

    Having fun with food 30 Jun 2020

    Having fun with food is a great way to build up your child’s speech, language and listening skills. It is a great way to bond with your child and encourage healthy eating too. There are so many different aspects of language and learning that you can target while having fun with food. You can

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  • Bringing the arts home

    Bringing the arts home 30 Jun 2020

    Performing and visual arts are important parts of our culture, however, for many people making it to a gallery or performance can be difficult with our busy lifestyles.
    There are many benefits for adults and children participating and being exposed to performing and visual arts including:

    Improved mental health and wellbeing
    Better academic performance

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  • Dealing with tantrums

    Dealing with tantrums 30 Jun 2020

    Tantrums are normal and usually occur from 18 months onwards. It can be helpful to look at tantrums as communicating something about what is going on for your child. An acronym for figuring this out is HALTS:
    H – Hunger
    A – Anger
    L- Lonely
    T- Tired
    S – Stressed
    HALTS helps to identify

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