• Just chatting

    Just chatting 29 Jun 2020

    ‘It took us a long time to discover the extent of Thomas’ hearing loss. When he was born we were told he had unilateral hearing loss but not to be too worried. He was checked again at three months and at eight months and the advice was the same.’

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  • How to look after yourself

    How to look after yourself 25 Jun 2020

    When you’re looking after others.
    We all work so hard to be holistic in our care for children. We look at all the different parts of their lives to make sure they’re doing OK in all the different aspects. But what about ourselves?
    It’s important to look after ourselves, so we can continue to look

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  • Around the world in 80 minutes?!

    Around the world in 80 minutes?! 25 Jun 2020

    Have you ever dreamed of taking an around the world trip to see some of the world’s natural wonders?
    Thanks to advances in technology and the popularity of online tourism you can now visit some of the world’s most famous natural wonders without even getting on a plane! Not only does this make for beautiful

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  • A Confident Kid

    A Confident Kid 23 Jun 2020

    ‘She didn’t pass her first SWISH (Statewide Infant Screening-Hearing) test,’ recalls Karen. ’We had the test another two times and were told Beatrice might be deaf.’

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  • Stretch your child’s imagination with Lego

    Stretch your child’s imagination with Lego 22 Jun 2020

    Did you know that playing with Lego stimulates many areas of the brain as you play?
    Have you ever thought about the many things you think about when you pick up a Lego block to put it with another? 

    Planning for what you pick up next
    Thinking about what

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