• It’s the little things

    It’s the little things 11 Jan 2021

    ‘I was fitted with two hearing aids and enrolled into the program,’ says Bella. ‘I learnt to use what hearing I had and then worked on my speech. I didn’t speak very well until I was five. But thanks to speech therapy and training at The Shepherd Centre I was able to catch up to my peers.’

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  • My North Star

    My North Star 24 Dec 2020

    Carly Hessey remembers feeling totally lost when she found out her little baby was profoundly deaf.

    ‘Elle’s hearing loss was picked up through the hearing test after her birth, and then confirmed six weeks later. I had no idea what this meant for her future.’

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  • A true inspiration

    A true inspiration 23 Dec 2020

    Anthony admits his journey hasn’t been an easy one. It began just after he turned three when he was diagnosed with a congenital malformation of the cochlear. ‘I had hearing aids in both ears by the time I was four and then when I turned 16 I had a cochlear implant in my right ear when doctors noticed further deterioration of my hearing.’

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  • Sound bites – read our December 2020 donor e-newsletter

    Sound bites – read our December 2020 donor e-newsletter 22 Dec 2020

    Give the gift of sound to help Claire stride ahead
    Watch Lily-Rose discover the joys of sound
    How a generous gift inspired Bill’s Room
    Our kids are more confident than ever thanks to The Australian Turf Club
    NSW Government’s recent funding brings us one step closer to our Macarthur Centre
    Read our December donor

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  • But she could hear!

    But she could hear! 22 Dec 2020

    ‘The diagnosis brought a whirlwind of emotions,’ says Le-Anne and Miles. One moment they had two hearing children, then one had a hearing impairment and they felt like their family unit was under enormous strain.

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