• Consciously giving

    Consciously giving 20 Oct 2020

    David and Margaret had always been charity conscious.
    ‘Instead of throwing a dollar here and there,’ says Margaret, ‘we wanted to contribute to one organisation that was making difference.’
    ‘Because of David’s hearing impairment, he was keen to do something in that area.’
    Because of his own issues growing up, David has an affinity

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  • RMB supports The Shepherd Centre and you

    RMB supports The Shepherd Centre and you 19 Oct 2020

    Last month, we held our Free Will Days, in partnership with our friends at RMB Lawyers. They opened the doors of their Wollongong, Kiama, Camden, Nowra and Goulburn offices to families and supporters of The Shepherd Centre who needed to draw up their Wills. A trusted and award-winning firm with a 130-year history, RMB

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  • Banking on success

    Banking on success 19 Oct 2020

    The Shepherd Centre would like to thank the CommBank Staff Foundation for helping us to support deaf children and their families during these challenging times.
    The Foundation’s generous funding has enabled our services to continue uninterrupted through the COVID-19 crisis.
    A generous grant from the Foundation has expanded our capacity to deliver audiology services

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  • A surgeon’s perspective

    A surgeon’s perspective 19 Oct 2020

    Tom wasn’t totally surprised when Phillip Chang contacted him. ‘It was about 15 years ago he asked me to join him and Henley Harrison. And it was a real honour and a privilege to become involved.’

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  • Hare and tortoise

    Hare and tortoise 12 Oct 2020

    ‘It’s remarkable how he crossed over the finish line of his school journey and is now studying at University in his area of passion. It’s a classic case of the hare and the tortoise. Marcus hasn’t only caught up. He’s now set to compete as an equal and even possibly win the race.’

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