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Children of The Shepherd Centre Can

Children with hearing loss can thrive! We’ve compiled stories from some of our graduates to demonstrate the amazing speech and language your child can achieve – scroll down to hear about the achievements of Liv, Jack, Rosie, Felix and more! Watch the 2019 Power of Speech video for more inspiring stories from across Australia. 


My name is Olivia and I was born with a sensory-neural bilateral hearing impairment. I have lived most of my life with a mild-moderate hearing loss in the left ear and moderate-severe in the right, affecting my ability to hear high-frequency sounds. That’s why I need to wear bilateral hearing aids.


Mum of junior past graduate of the year, Jack Carey, speaks at The Shepherd Centre graduation. Jack was diagnosed with hearing loss at 2 years old. Before his diagnosis the family experienced behavioural issues with Jack. They attended one of The Shepherd Centre’s residential workshops and said that’s when ‘life began to get better’.


Follow Felix’s inspirational journey from diagnosis through to graduation in 2014.


Mum Karen shares her thoughts on The Shepherd Centre and her family’s journey with hearing loss.

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